Interact with Dr. David Peck
Praise for Dr. Peck’s previous Keynote Addresses
  "I think the response to the audience questionnaire of "What were your expectation of the evening and were they met?" is best reflected in the answer of "Expectations certainly met!  The information and humor of Dr. Peck was delightful...excellent speaker."  
Carolyn Glenn-Pacific County Friend of Lewis and Clark
  "an extraordinary presentation...we could not have asked for a more meaningful and memorable held the attention of hundreds of people with your knowledge, enthusiasm, wit and thoroughly engaging approach to Lewis & Clark history"  
Marcia Poole, Director, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, Sioux City, IOwa
  "Thank you!  All the comments I heard about your presentation were exceedingly positive.  A "show" well done! "  
Roger A. Smith, M.D. San Bernardino County Medical Society, California
  "If you could only go to one presentation on Lewis and Clark, this would be a great one to choose"...The Montana Historical Society
"Your presentation was mesmerizing!"
Southern California Physician Magazine
  "We have been fortunate to have some outstanding programs here over the past years. We received more positive comments about you and your program than any of the others! Thank you, Thank you!"  

From the Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, New York

"Superb instructor"..."Chautauqua at its best!"..."Best course I have taken here in 8 years!"..."Fantastic course with a fantastic instructor"..."Dr. Peck is an excellent speaker, knowledgable and passionate about his topic"...


Or Perish in the Attempt:
The Hardship and Medicine of the
Lewis and Clark Expedition

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Lewis and Clark College, Unfinished Journey, The Lewis and Clark Expedition is a 13 part series, narrated by Peter Coyote. This landmark series was carried nationally on over 80 NPR stations and covered a diverse number of topics relating to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Dr. Peck was a featured participant in two of the episodes. These episodes are featured here in their entirety for your pleasure, courtesy of Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland Oregon.

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